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To give you a better idea of what is offered at the Woodlands Child Care Centre, here is a brief description of each service we provide. Of course, if you have any questions after reading this, contact us so we can give you all the information you need.

Preschool Programs (ages 0 to 6)

We have multiple programs for each age group. Each course is certified and custom-tailored to help your children grow and develop. These courses help them learn to speak, count and interact with others.

Physical Activity Programs

While we want your children to learn, we also want them to be healthy. We have a variety of areas, toys and equipment designed to promote movement and physical activity. Physical activity will help your child stay fit and active while also helping to expel some energy and wind down.

Nutritious Meals

All of our meals are high-quality, home-cooked meals designed to meet a child’s nutritional needs. We don’t believe in using processed, high-calorie, unhealthy foods and drinks. We want your children to grow up strong and healthy and believe it’s important to provide a variety of nutritional food options.
Jars with Number — Woodlands Child Care Centre in Albury, NSW
Educational Toys — Woodlands Child Care Centre in Albury, NSW
School Supplies — Woodlands Child Care Centre in Albury, NSW

Experienced Staff

Our team of educators are passionate about ensuring your child is educated and empowered. The development that takes place in the early years is important and it’s crucial that your child has every opportunity possible to learn and grow.

Our team members are qualified and experienced and pass all checks and requirements. During the interview process, we evaluate potential team members on their ability to provide care and interaction in a loving and nurturing way. We also have staff who can help with children with special needs too.

Fully Transparent Facility

We want you to know that you can come by any time to chat with your educators and team members. We are entirely transparent about our food, facility, staff, curriculum and more.
Please get in touch if you have any questions about our facility, team members, and the care that we provide. We look forward to meeting you are your family.